Saturday, 21 March 2009

In The News: Death of a Moonshiner, Hemingway's friend the bartender...

It's a sad tale, but worth reading to the end of this article. This man was not just "part of a dying breed" he was a bit of a throwback (and possibly a big Dukes of Hazzard fan).  

If you're interested in more reading on the subject of moonshine. Try this book, written by a man who spent his life catching them back in the day. 

Eric Felton's portrait of bartender Gerald Murphy in the Wall Street Journal is a must-read. So is his piece on Fish House Punch

How are Houston bars drumming up business as recession-shocked customers start drinking at home? 

Gary Regan plays with Galliano Authentico and Navan in his Cocktaillian column in the San Francisco Chronicle. If you haven't been reading it faithfully, catch up now. Here's the archive.

Jason Wilson hits the rye in Washington. Isn't it wonderful having a President in office who drinks again?

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