Thursday, 9 October 2008

Compass Box does it again

John Glaser caused a bit of uproar among the whisky anoraks* when he made Orangerie, a combination of first rate whisky and orange. So we won't tell them that he's made another batch. And it is good. We've been drinking it with a splash of the water we brought back from Islay. Perhaps tonight we'll make some toddies with it.

Looking or an ideal Christmas gift for someone who enjoys whisky? This is it. Tumbler not included. Some assembly required. Recommended for adults 21+.

*Americans might not know this term. It comes from the lightweight beige jackets once favored by those who spend all their spare time trainspotting**.

** Americans may not know this term either. Trainspotters are people who spend all their spare time looking at trains -- some of which are pretty impressive. Yes, I still occasionally need a translator in England.

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